How To Do WPS on iPhone

how-to-do-wps-on-iphoneHow to Connect iPhone to WiFi Using WPS

One of the most convenient things about an iPhone is that you can connect it to any WiFi network. This will usually make browsing the web faster and more efficient. In addition to faster browsing speeds, you’ll also save a lot on your monthly data allowance because using your phone as a WiFi device is the same as using a tablet or computer.

As long as your iPhone is connected to a working WiFi network and you have your phone’s WiFi switched on, you can connect to the internet and use all of the phone’s features without resorting to using cellular data. Depending on their size, some apps even require that you be connected to WiFi in order to download them.

While you’re at home, the office or in a location that offers free WiFi, it’s essentially a no-brainer to use your iPhone’s WiFi connection. Even if you have an unlimited data it’s usually a better idea to use WiFi rather than cellular data if possible.

By doing so, you won’t be subject to a loss of reception, and you’ll be able to use your iPhone more efficiently.

However, to connect an iPhone to a wireless network, you’ll likely need both the network name, as well as the password. It can be a little tedious to connect to WiFi networks this way if you don’t know the passphrase, especially since many home WiFi routers have something built in called WPS.



What Is WPS?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup.  Usually WiFi routers have a button or switch that enables them to connect to other wireless devices without the need to enter a password.

Many wireless devices have this feature built in to make connecting to WiFi routers easier, but the level of security WPS offers is usually significantly decreased when compared to using a passphrase.

There are currently no Apple devices that have WPS capabilities. The main reason for this is that Apple deemed connecting via WPS to make WiFi networks less secure. WPS uses an 8-bit pin code during the authentication procedure that is susceptible to being hacked.

The use of this 8 bit pin makes your WiFi network extremely vulnerable to attacks from hackers. By using something called a “brute force attack” hackers can gain access to your network. A brute force attack is a trial-and-error method used by hackers that decodes encrypted data passwords.

If a hacker does use this strategy to gain access to your WiFi network, it will leave you open to a number of different risks, most notably password sniffing.

How to Connect iPhone To WiFi

As a result of the reduced security of WPS, Apple has not included a button or setting on any iPhone that allows for WPS, and you’ll always have to enter a passphrase or code to connect. However, the process is usually very easy. If you’re having trouble connecting to a WiFi network with your iPhone, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings app.iPhone-settings-app
  2. Go to WiFi.iphone-settings-wi-fi
  3. Make sure that “WiFi” is turned on.iphone-wifi-turn-on
  4. Your device will automatically show you which WiFi networks are available or in range.iphone-choose-a-network-wifi
  5. Select your desired WiFi network and you will be connected.
  6. If the network you are trying to connect to is a private network, you will be asked to enter a passphrase.enter-password-iphone-wifi
  7. Locate the passphrase and enter it.
  8. You will then be connected.

The current method of connecting your iPhone to a WiFi network may not be the most convenient, but it is significantly more secure than using WPS. Many times WiFi passphrases can be long and difficult to enter properly, but this also makes them harder for hackers to figure out.

While there are some devices that do offer WPS capabilities, if you’re an iPhone user, you can be sure that your connection will be significantly more secure and less susceptible to hacking. In many ways, the lack of WPS on Apple devices like the iPhone is a benefit rather than a downside.

The next time you find yourself struggling to properly enter a WiFi passphrase into your iPhone, or you’re having a difficult time connecting, remember that once you do finally connect, you’ll have to worry a lot less about people trying to steal valuable information from you. Using WPS devices may be more convenient in the short-term, but overall it just isn’t worth the risk.


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