YOUYUE LCD Screen Separator Machine

youyue lcd screen separating machineYOUYUE LCD Separator Machine Review

The YOUYUE LCD Screen Separator Machine is a unique machine that makes separating the broken glass from your LCD a cake walk. The machine allows you to fix those mistakes that seem unrepairable. Ever drop your phone, and watch it shatter to pieces? The YOUYUE allows you to undo the damage. Fix your mistakes, fix your family’s mistakes, fix your friend’s mistakes, all while making a small side income.

How does it work? The plates heat up to loosen the glue allowing you to remove the broken pieces with a Molybdenum cutting wire. This means no more trips to the phone store to buy a new expensive phone, when you can fix the one you have.

youyue lcd screen separator machine

The YouYue machine is made of top notch, quality products that beats out any competition. The machine is easy to use, durable, and withstands the high temperatures needed to repair your devices. There is very little time involved in fixing a broken device, allowing you to maximize your time.

Sporting a rectangular shape, this machine is light weight and portable, but does not move around when working on top of it. The whole machine weighs 3.6 pounds. The machine is compact and easy to maneuver and store. This makes transporting it simple, allowing you to reach a larger audience. Its design allows weight disbursement to all four corners of the slip proof pegs. The dimensions of this machine is 240 by 130 mm.

youyue screen separator machine

The LCD separator is made out of fire resistant material that protects the inside of the machine. This material is not only durable, but can withstand long exposure to heat produced by constant repair jobs. For better air flow, this phone repair machine has an air vent on its side to allow better cooling of its inside parts. This was something that we had not seen any other machine have as of yet. The best LCD separating machines should have proper air flow going through them because there is so much heat present.

The front has a similar design as seen with other LCD separators. It has the on and off switch. A display is also there that allows you to see what the current temperature is. You use the yellow button to set a new desired temperature for the hot plate. The machine is easy to use, with little time involved. There is no schooling needed, no after work classes, set up is easy, and tear down is even easier. The machine pays for itself, and allows you to help those in need.

So is the YouYue the best LCD separating machine?

YOUYUE LCD Screen Separator Machine is not a unique LCD separator machine, yet it does seem to be the cheapest. Similar units can cost upwards of 5 times the amount this LCD machine, not to mention they use larger amounts of energy to power the equipment. The power input is 120V.

youyue lcd separator machine

Everything works as it should have when we conducted our repairs with it. This is a very useful cellphone repair machine for any who is serious about making a better profit with their repairs. It is compatible with all touch screen phones out there in the market now like iPhone, Samsung, and androids. This is one of the cheapest versions out there of a useful machine that can make you a more then your investment to buy the machine.

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