iMAX LCD Screen Separator Machine

imax LCD screen separator machine

iMAX Screen Separator Machine Review

The iMAX LCD Screen Separator Machine may be the best repair tool that I own. It is set at a wonderful price, and it works very well. I loved it and was very happy and elated with the wonderful results that I was receiving after every repair. It is currently set at a very reasonable price as well.

Looking at this LCD machine you’re wondering how strong is the vacuum. One of the first things I want to point out is how quiet the actual vacuum pump is on the iMAX LCD Screen Separator Machine.  Trust me this is very strong. I stuck it to a wall and it stayed and was extremely hard to remove. Older models came with an external pump, however they proved to be cumbersome and got in the way.

imax lcd screen separator

This new model separator machine no longer has clamps. I actually prefer this machine a lot more than the clamp version because so many screens nowadays are just completely shattered on the top and bottom and it has always been a problem to cut these screens. A few tricks like super gluing it to the actual hot plate, double siding it down, holding it, or just using the hot plate as a heat pad and cutting it by hand were working for the clamp version which was okay but at the same time you know something else the had to give and finally they introduced this machine with the vacuum suction.

lcd screen separator machine imax

When comparing this vacuum LCD separator machine against a machine with clamps, this one would win. This machine seems to be a major improvement in the design of these machines. The major flaw with clamp machines is that they do not secure the screen good enough. Sometimes the screen tends to move when you are doing the repair. Also, some screen are pretty cracked, so you cannot even clamp them down. The vacuum eliminates the problem altogether. No matter how badly damaged the screen is, it will hold onto it and allow you to separate the cracked screen from the LCD assembly.

There are many models out there, this one is the 110 volt. The heating area is ranging at 192 by 114 mm. It is compatible for many things such as the iPhone, Samsung, and many other smart phone devices. It also includes a built in air pump vacuum that takes away the need for clamps that were used in previous versions.

imax lcd screen separator machine

The lcd separator machine is usually kept on 80 degrees. This is the best temperature for success without burning polarizers. The machine produces safe temperatures but if you walk away and leave it there I’m not so sure how safe that would be so just keep that in mind.

My only advice is that it takes practice. I would take some broken screens and practice removing the glass. Do not attempt to do a glass only repair for a customer on your first try! It takes practice!

I was told that if I did not want to mess anything up, then I should practice on some old devices to get the hang of it. Surprisingly, this was some pretty good advice because when I first started, I scratched it, dropped it, banged it, and got smudges all over it. I had to try over and over just to get it right.

lcd screen separator machine

In conclusion, it was well worth the buy. I got it because I wanted to take my repairs to the next level in terms of profit. It turned out to be a huge help, and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made for my business. I love it. The only problem, other than that you have to practice on other things is that it is pretty heavy and when you attach the wires and get everything set up, it takes a while and is a little difficult to set up. I did not like that part, or the fact that it is pretty easy to damage. I have had mine for maybe three weeks and it has a dent and a scratch down the side. You have to be really careful with it or it will get damaged badly.

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