iPhone 5 Parts Diagram

iPhone 5 Parts Diagram with every single link

Below you will find all of the parts of an iPhone 5. These are all labeled with a number. I have included links to every part, so you can locate it right away! Check out our iPhone repair guides!

iPhone 5 parts diagram

1. iPhone 5 Housing eBay Amazon

2. iPhone 5 LCD replacement assembly eBay Amazon

3. iPhone 5 Battery eBay Amazon

4. iPhone 5 Home button eBay Amazon

5. iPhone 5 Home Button Flex Cable (use link in #4)

6. iPhone 5 Support metal of the home button (use link in #4)

7. iPhone 5 Ear Sensor eBay Amazon

8. iPhone 5 Ear sensor support bracket eBay Amazon

9. iPhone 5 Proximity Sensor, Light Motion, Front Face Camera, Microphone Flex Cable eBay Amazon

10. iPhone 5 Power button, volume flex cable eBay Amazon

11. iPhone 5 Wifi antenna eBay Amazon

12. iPhone 5 Vibrator Motor eBay Amazon

13. iPhone 5 Power button eBay Amazon

14. iPhone 5 Volume buttons and mute (use links in #13)

15. iPhone 5 Data dock, audio jack eBay Amazon

16. iPhone 5 External speaker eBay Amazon

17. iPhone 5 Cell antenna Flex Cable eBay Amazon

18. iPhone 5 SIM Tray eBay Amazon

19. iPhone 5 Interconnect Cable eBay Amazon

20. iPhone 5 Rear camera eBay Amazon

21. iPhone 5 Screw set eBay Amazon

22. iPhone 5 Motherboard eBay Amazon

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