Smart LCD Screen Separator Machine

2 in 1 lcd screen separator machineThe 2 in 1 LCD separator machine

So they finally came amount with a brand spanking new design for the LCD separator machine.  This is the 2 in 1 machine. What is so special about this separator machine? Well as you can see from the picture, it has a freakin’ uv light inside of it! That is something we have never seen before done. It is pretty unique and we couldn’t wait to try it out for ourselves back at the shop.  The whole unit itself looks like a regular LCD separating machine, however it has a handle that you pull that hides the uv light. Let us take a close look at this creative machine.

First thing we notice is that they are still using the clamps. Clamps are a big issue for these machines as they cannot clamp onto a lot of broken screens. The glass either rips off the LCD or it is missing in general.  If the corners of the screen assembly are badly cracked or even worse, missing, then good luck trying to run the wire through the assembly. With such a great concept, you would think they would have used a lcd separator machine vacuum design.  The vacuum is a better design then the clamps by a long shot.  The vacuum hold the cracked screens without any clamps, just by suction and avoids the whole badly cracked screen mess in the first place.

Smart LCD Screen Separator MachineMoving on, we see the typical display  that all of these machines have in the front. For some reason they are all the same, it is like one company makes all of them and places different names onto them. The display works as it should, you can set the desired temperature by pressing the up and down buttons. It slowly climbs to the desired temperature and it shows you its current temperature as well.

Along with the display is the on and off switch. Again, pretty standard stuff here. What is different in the separator machine is that the plug is on the side instead of the back. The obvious reasoning to this is that they put the retractable uv light in the back. Also on the side is a red light that goes on to show you if the hot plate is hot or not. This is pretty convenient since it is difficult to know if it is safe to put away the machine without touching it.

lcd screen separator machine with UV light

Now to the best part; the cool uv light in the back. Typically you see these machines come with a separate uv light assembly on the side. The only problem we see with this is that it is a waste of space to have an extra appliance lying around your shop or garage. This built in uv light allows you to save room when room is not plentiful. The way it works is that there is a handle on the back of the unit. When you pull on the handle, the shelf like storage compartment opens up and the uv light turns on.

You simply put the screen assembly inside and close it for 5 minutes. The only draw back we saw with this is when we were working with the machine for an hour and the whole thing was pretty hot. However the temperature inside the LCD separator will not damage the screen, it might be even better for it.

LCD Screen Separator Machine built in UV light


The Smart LCD Screen Separator Machine is different from its competitors. It took something that all repairmen need; a uv light, and conveniently placed it inside the machine. Even though it is not as good as the vacuum lcd separating machines, it is the best one that has clamps. Most companies charge extra or do not include the uv light at all. We found this machine to be convenient, and a great deal for the price we bought it for.

Check out the Smart LCD Screen Separator Machine here.