5 In 1 LCD Screen Separator Removal Machine

lcd screen separator removal machineDid you know that over 50% of the world population has to deal, at some point, with a cracked phone screen? Out of these people, more than half consider the cost and hassle of fixing said broke screen too much and they simply replace the device. While the low prices in outdated technology make replacing a good choice, if you’re interested in a modern device, you will have to open your pockets quite a lot.

Considering these numbers, you can also consider going into phone/tablet screen replacing business. All you need is a reliable LCD separator machine and a bit of patience. And today we will discuss one of the best LCD screen repair machines in the market and the accessories that may launch you into business.

The 5 in 1 LCD Screen Separator Removal Machine

As the name specifies, this LCD separator machine is capable of multiple functions which make it the perfect choice for a screen repair business. It also works on most phones and you can include Apple and Samsung devices as well.lcd screen separator

The basic function of this machine is to separate the touch screen from LCD screens, which is a delicate job. It also offers all the necessary means to work safely and avoid any accidental damage to the phone or the touch screen. But let’s see what it can actually do:

  • LCD screen separator using a heating plate (320mm X 250mm X 415mm) – the machine comes with 5 phone molds, thus you can work on 5 different phone models: iPhone6s, 6Plus, iPhone4,5,6, Samsung, Sony, and HTC.
  • Anti-slip mounting seats that keep the screen in place as you are working on it. This is great for avoiding any accidental damage to the LCD assembly.
  • Advanced glue removing technology applied with the help of a glue frame remover
  • Preheater
  • Frame Laminator

Thus, you can remove broken screens using the heating plate, work on the new screen safely using the anti-slip mounting seats, and fit a new screen using the glue removing technology and the frame laminator. As you can see, this LCD separator machine offers a complete process.happybuy screen separator

Features & specifications

The machine is delivered with the 5 molds mentioned above, power line, 3 screwdrivers, and one silicone pad. You will need all these to get the machine working properly.

You should also know that the machine requires a power supply of 110V and delivers 500W of power. The plate is coated with iron and it is made of aluminum alloy in order to dissipate the heat at a uniform level (very important for this type of process).

As mentioned above, you can work on phones which are 7 inches or less in diagonal and the most recommended brands are Samsung, Apple, HTC, and Sony. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t work on other brands if the dimension fits the mold.5 in 1 lcd screen separator

The LCD separator machine is quite heavy (about 15Kg) which makes it quite difficult to move around. This is why this machine is more recommended for a business and not a DIY screen repair thing.

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