iSesamo Review: Is This The Best Opening Tool?

isesamo-reviewThis is a tool that shouldn’t be missing from any phone service shop or DIY toolkit! Basically, the iSesamo is a prying tool designed to open even the thinnest phone cases. The thin, curved tip fits into the smallest of cracks (like the crack in between the panels of a phone case) and gently opens the clips used to hold the case together.
The result is a clean opening of the phone, without scratches or another type of damage to the material or the delicate elements inside.

The cool thing about this device is that’s quite easy to use. All you have to do is hold it in your dominating hand and direct the tip towards the crack you need open.

It’s that simple! We love it because it works on a wide range of devices and can even be used to separate touchscreen elements from the phone. Actually, the iSesamo tool has an infinite number of uses and it is only limited by your creativity.

iSesamo Alternative

Naturally, the iSesamo is not the only tool on the market! So, if you are looking for alternatives, we recommend taking a look at the iFixit Jimmy tool. This one has the same main purpose, but it was designed with a special handle for a better grip.
Given that the Jimmy has basically the same features, we did a comparison with the iSesamo tool, and below you can see the result.

iSesamo vs. Jimmy

The main difference between the two is in design as the iSesamo kept things simple and provided their tool with an elegant design, while the Jimmy is quite colorful, with a black handle and special dents so you can hold it with two fingers. In our opinion each design is useful, but the handle on Jimmy can get slippery.
Furthermore, the blade on Jimmy is thicker than the one on iSesamo, which makes this a better fit for big devices such as tablets and LCD screens. Finally, the iSesamo features a smart tip (slightly curved) which is extremely helpful in prying open case clips.

However, at the end of the day, the two tools are quite similar. So, the final decision is based on personal preferences and the type of devices you work most with.

iSesamo Opening Tool Review

Material: Steel

Size: Ultra-thin

Weight:  0.96 ounces

This tool was designed with only one purpose: to be wedged into microscopic cracks and pry open delicate panels without inflicting any damage on the material. Because it is made of steel, the tool is resistant and doesn’t bend even if it’s extremely thin.

The iSesamo has a curved tip that allows you open casing clips usually found on electronic devices such as phones. Furthermore, the grip is designed with a non-slip material, to make sure your hand won’t slip and scratch the phone case in the process.

During our own iSesamo review, we tested it on iPads, Samsung phones, and iPhones (the latest and thinnest models) and it behaved exemplary. The tip and blade are extremely thin to fit inside the tiny crack in between the panels, and the smart tip is fantastic for prying open without damaging the clips. This way, you can easily open a phone without leaving any marks, which is extremely important for warranty concerns.

But the iSesamo is not just for prying open phone cases; you can also use it to work on hard disks, replacing touchscreens, LCDs, or simply for replacing batteries. The tool is powerful and the curved tip makes it extremely useful when you’re working with delicate devices.

  • Durable & flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Great for various devices
  • Curved tip for a better job


  • Quite small – it’s easy to lose track of it

We loved the iSesamo because it’s easier to use and, let’s face it, it does look better than the Jimmy! It’s also a better fit for a phone service shop as it is better equipped to work on thin smartphones and the blade is a bit more flexible. But, at the end of the day, the final choice is yours - as long as the tool you choose does the job you need it to do, it is definitely the best for you!


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