iPhone 5S Touch Screen Not Working – How To Fix

iphone-5s-touch-screen-not-working5 Ways to Fix Touch Screen on iPhone 5S not Working

Is your iPhone 5s touch screen not working? That moment of panic when think, my iPhone touchscreen is not working, can be terrifying! First, you are a little confused and try to touch the screen once more. Then you realized it’s really not working.

Your iPhone 5s screen is not responding. Before you have a meltdown, breath. Know that you are not the only one this has happened to. Then try some these tricks to see if you can get it back to normal and save the day.

1. Restart Your iPhone

One of the first things you should try is to force restart your phone. This will allow the phone to reset and hopefully fix the problem that is causing your touchscreen to act up.

To perform a forced restart, hold down the home button and the power button at the same time until the phone turns off completely. Then release the buttons once it goes black. Press the power button to start the phone.

This method allows you to restart the iPhone without having to actually use the screen. It also clears the cache.

2. Clean Your Screen

Even if you can’t see anything on your screen, there could be a film or even something sticky on the surface of the screen that is causing your screen to appear frozen. Using a microfiber cloth and screen cleaner, spray the cleaner on the cloth, NOT on the screen.

Then gently wipe the screen clean until there are no visible streaks or pieces of lint. Then test to see if the screen starts responding again.

It is advisable you remove any case or screen protector to fully rule out any conflicts!

3. Memory Issues

It is possible that your phone is just running really slow and your screen is freezing because you have too much stuff on your phone. To try to maximize your memory, plug your phone into your computer and open iTunes. From here, you can go in and delete any apps on your phone that you don’t use anymore. After deleting apps, restart the phone and test the screen.

You can also try force restarting the iPhone 5S, and then close down any open apps that are running in the background.

4. DFU Mode

For a more intense reset of your phone, you can try to put your phone into DFU mode. This stands for Default Firmware Update mode and this is process will perform a deep update to your phone’s firmware. Here is a guide to help you do this.

If it is possible for you to backup your iPhone, you will want to do this before using DFU mode or you may lose important data during the update process.iphone-5s-screen-replacement

5. Replace the Screen

If the touchscreen on iPhone 5s is not working, even after you have tried all of the above options, you may have to consider replacing the screen. It is a little more expensive than the other options on this list but, it is significantly cheaper than paying for a brand new iPhone out of pocket.

You can actually purchase replacement screens and do it yourself. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it.

Or you can take it to your local Apple Store and let a professional take care of it. As long as they have the screens in stock, it is usually a pretty quick process.

Bonus Tip

One more thing! If you are having touch issues after dropping your iPhone 5S, it may be because you have a loose connection. Press firmly the top part of the phone on both the glass and the back. In some cases, the connection can be popped back in this way.


As you can see, there are several solutions if your iPhone 5s touchscreen is not working. Some of these solutions are simple while others may require a professional.

Screens are a delicate part of the iPhone and the display connection to the Logic Board inside the phone is fragile and impact from dropping your phone can cause it to get broken or become disconnected. If this is the case, the only option is to replace the screen. If the other options are not working, consider replacing the screen before you choose to replace the whole phone.


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