How To Make An Infinity Table the Easy Way

how to make an led Illusion mirror

How To Make An LED Illusion Mirror

Every day individuals discover new and unusual ways to combine technology to produce things that are truly astonishing. Often times involving items that are found in the home, all that these neat projects require is a guide. This is especially true with the LED illusion mirror, also known as the infinity table. Youtuber Mist8k made a tutorial video on how to make this LED illusion mirror, which went viral. His video got over 7 million views!

Take a look:

Interesting right? Now that I got your attention, let’s take a moment to describe what the LED infinity table illusion mirror is, as well as a step by step guide on how to make one yourself from scratch. Let’s begin!

led illusion mirror

The LED Illusion Mirror

An L.E.D. illusion mirror uses LED lights and a mirror to create the illusion of depth. A neat trick relating to how light refracts off of services, the end result boggles the mind. When looking into an LED illusion mirror, it looks like you can reach your hand through it when in fact the surface is completely flat. The LED illusion mirror can be a stand alone gimmick. Or, if you are crafty, you can turn it into a infinity counter, infinity table top, and more. The only limitation is your imagination and knowing the basic principles behind this cool life hack.

So, How Do I Make My Very Own L.E.D. Illusion Mirror?

infinity table materials

Gathering Materials to Make an Infinity Table

Let’s answer this question by constructing a basic LED illusion mirror. First, you should gather the necessary materials. Look around your house, you might be surprised to find that you may have half of these. The other materials you might have to purchase in a store or online. You will need the following:

  • Window pane
  • Mirror
  • Frame that fits around the border of the mirror. Try to find a frame that would be deep enough to house the setup
  • An LED strip long enough to make its way around the border
  • Window tint
  • Glass-cleaning spray
  • Rubber gloves
  • Card (credit card, playing card, etc)

Typically the hardest thing to find is the window tint and LED strip. Both of these can be purchased from big box stores. Luckily I found them on Amazon.

Cleaning The Mirror

The first thing you are going to want to do is carefully clean the glass and mirror using the glass-cleaning spray. The spray is necessary because it provides a higher level of clean. This will provide better results later on in the process.

infinity led clean mirror

It is crucial that there are no streaks nor dust. If there are any, it will be very visible in the end product. Also make sure you use gloves to prevent leaving any finger prints. Therefore, don’t skimp out on cheap window cleaner, or at least ensure that the glass is perfect.

Prepare The Frame

The L.E.D. illusion mirror requires a single pane of mirror glass for the back and a second piece of clear glass to reflect the LED. A crucial step in the process is to remove the frame with the glass and clean both.

infinity table frame

Remove any existing adhesive that is found on the inside of the frame. Ensure that the inside of the frame contains no loose parts like wood splinters. It is a good idea to use an air compressor to blow out the frame itself.

Window Tint Prep

The window tint should come as a material with a sticky side attached to plastic. Carefully remove the plastic and apply the window tint directly on to the glass panel you cleaned. Apply the glass cleaner on the window tint and on the glass itself.

how to make an infinity table window tint


Take something with a soft edge, like a credit card, and run it over the window tint. This will help to remove all bubbles and folds, allowing for a completely clean application.

how to make an LED illusion mirror placing tint

Finally, put the glass in the back of the window frame.

Infinity LED Lighting

Take your LED lighting and apply around the interior corners of the frame. At this point, you should have a glass back panel with window tint, and LED lighting attached around the interior border.

infinity table led mirror

The finished Product

Finally, clean the mirror and attach with its reflective point facing towards the interior of the frame and out through the tint window. Make sure the LED light has an out where it can be plugged in or accessed.

infinity table illusion led mirror

You should now be able to flip it over, turn it on, and there you go! You are now the proud owner of your very own LED illusion mirror.

infinity table mirror illusion


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