What Does Restarting Your Phone Do?


Ever wondered what actually happens when you restart your phone? Wanted to know whether it can be damaging for your device? In this article, we take a look at some frequently asked questions surrounding this topic.

Before we begin, it’s important to quickly note that restarting your device shouldn’t actually do any damage to it. In some cases, it can actually be beneficial. Learn more below.

What Does Restarting Your iPhone Do?

When you restart your phone, all apps are essentially force closed and any actions you were in the middle of will be reset. Everything else, however, will be saved.

As an example, if you were in the middle of sending a message and then restarted your phone, the in-progress message would be deleted.

Any messages you had already sent, or any photos you had taken, will still be saved. All other files and apps will be just where you left them as well.

If-I-Restart-My-Phone-Will-It-Delete-EverythingIf I Restart My Phone Will It Delete Everything?

If you restart your phone, you will not lose any data. Like mentioned above, you’ll only lose the stuff that you’re in the middle of doing.

As an example, if you’re playing an offline game, the progress you make will be lost if you restart your phone without closing down the game properly.

How Often Should I Restart My Phone?

It’s actually good practice to restart your phone from time to time. If you restart your phone, it gives the phone a fresh start. If you’ve ever noticed your phone starting to slow down, sometimes a quick restart can be all you need to get it up to speed again.

Restarting your phone is simple too! Just hold down the power button and then press the power off or restart button. If you tap restart, it will immediately turn back on. If you pressed the power off button, you will need to hold down the power button again to switch it back on.

Note, since iOS 11, you now have to hold the power button and the volume down button to get this prompt. So it can vary based on your device.

There’s a lot of debate over how often people should restart their phone. Truthfully, there’s no right or wrong answer.

If you restart your phone too often, it may actually drain your battery, but if you leave it on for too long, it can sometimes slow down and performance may be affected.

We’d suggest never restarting your phone until you start to notice some lag or performance issues. Usually, you should be able to keep your phone running for 1-2 weeks without any problems.

Once again, there isn’t any damage that can be done from restarting your phone, so don’t worry too much about restarting your phone too often, either. It makes sense to leave your phone on most of the time, but if you’ve restarted your phone once or twice in a week, there’s still no need to be concerned.

Hopefully this post has provided some useful information. Please let us know if it helped or if you have any other similar questions that you’d like answered in the comments below.


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