iPhone Only Charges When Off Fix

iPhone only charges when off
iPhones are known for their long battery life and their relatively fast battery charging. The long battery life is because all the functions have been optimized and thus consume less battery. The fast battery charging can be attributed to the different wires that they used compared to the conventional micro USB chargers.

However, iPhones aren’t perfect and they do malfunction sometimes. As an owner of such an Apple device, I have often wondered, why does my iPhone only charge when it’s off? I must not be the only one! After a lot of online and offline research, I have found the following solutions.

Perform a Soft reset

iPhone’s software is linked well with the hardware to optimize battery life. Thus sometimes, a small glitch can lead to a charging problem. Perform a soft reset by pressing down on the sleep and home buttons together. After it restarts, try charging it again.

Clean the portshow to clean iPhone data port charger

Whenever there is a charging problem, one of the primary reasons is the charging port. To solve this, switch off your phone and clean up any debris stuck in it using a clean toothbrush or toothpick. For the charger, use a clean cloth to wipe off any dirt. Try charging again after you switch your phone on.

iPhone lightning cable fix

One of the cables has come loose on the head of the lightning cable.

Check your Lightning Cable

Sometimes the charger itself malfunctions causing some charging problems. To rectify this, check your charger thoroughly. Maybe the wire has been ripped off in some location, especially towards the ends. It may also be the charger adapter itself (the brick).

If the adapter doesn’t channel the current properly, your battery may not get charged properly either. It is important that you check each part of the lightning cable to see if everything is in order. If something seems off, replace that part and try again. Alternatively, you could buy a whole new charger.

factory restore iPhoneFactory Restore your iPhone

As we mentioned before, the software in an Apple product plays a major part in the hardware as well. If a soft reset didn’t work after trying all the above steps, then there must be a major problem with the software. If the iPhone only charges when off you should try to factory restore the device. Try the following:

  1. Take a backup of all your setting and data on iTunes
  2. Go to iTunes and reset your iPhone
  3. After restoring your data check for charging once more
  4. If your iPhone charges, yay! If not, you might have to try the solution below

iPhone replacement batteryReplace the iPhone Battery

If nothing works, you might have to replace your battery. Usually, charging problems are caused by a faulty battery. Before attempting to replace the battery, visit an Apple store. Apple actually covers the battery under warranty.


After ages of researching why my iPhone won't charge when turned on, these were the best results I could get. However, if none of them work, go visit your nearest Apple store. If you're lucky, your iPhone just might get replaced with a new one.

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