Best Magnifying Lamp for Electronics


A magnifying lamp is extremely useful when you’re working with electronics like circuit boards and the similar. However, when you’re doing phone repairs, such a product is a must!

Given that phone circuits and elements are smaller with every new model, you will need the best magnifying lamp for electronics in order to see what you’re doing. This way your work will be clean and professional, and your customers will be extremely satisfied with your services.
Still, you should know that not every product that features light and magnification is suited for the delicate work you do when you’re fixing phone elements. There are certain characteristics that make a lamp suited for this kind of job.

Best Magnifying Lamp for Electronics Repair

We browsed some of the most popular magnifying lamps on the market and selected the top 5 that will be a good addition to a phone repair shop. Below you can read about their features, but also about the good and the bad in each.

Neon 2.5X 7.5X 10X LED Light Magnifier & Desk Lamp

Size lens: 2.5 x 90mm / 7.5 x 34mm / 10 x 34mm

Power Source: Battery / electric

Material: Aluminum alloy & optical glass

Features: 5 LED lights, delivered with charger, great for a wide range of situations
This tool is quite impressive and will be extremely useful in a phone repair shop. First, it features a sturdy base padded with a steel sheet that keeps everything in place. Next, the LED lights can be adjusted as needed (they are installed on a flexible tube) and both the support clamps and alligator clips are adjustable.

This gives the user plenty of motion range to work with different sized devices and electronics.
There are three kinds of magnifying lens and the tool has interchangeable magnification. The product also comes equipped with a holder for a glue gun or a welding device.

As a result, the Neon Magnifier can be used in a wide range of situations from work with small electronic devices to biological observation, or modeling and welding.


  • Lots of uses
  • Doesn’t occupy too much space
  • Equipped with good lighting and adjustable support
  • Works with both batteries and electricity
  • Magnifier is great for small circuit boards


  • Only one arm for devices to be fixed on
  • A bit unstable
  • You need to tighten down the bars and clips

Brightech Light View PRO LED Magnifying Lamp

Magnification: up to 225% without getting hot

Power Source: electric (110 volts)

Material: Aluminum alloy & optical glass

Features: white and bright LED light, easy to use, highly portable
This product can be used for reading, working on very small projects, but also on working with circuit boards. It is extremely versatile and the simplicity of the design makes it a must in a phone repair shop!

The swivel arm and the strong clamp at the base make the PRO LED Magnifying Lamp easy to mount on almost any type of surface, and the white light is bright without changing colors.

Furthermore, the LED bulb is quite resistant and regardless of the time it stays on, the lamp won’t get hot. This means you can adjust it as you need without burning your fingers.


  • Highly portable
  • White light that’s bright without getting hot
  • A wide range of uses
  • Very durable


  • Joint is a bit stiff
  • The build is a bit flimsy
  • The lid for the magnifying glass is in the way

MORDUEDDE Folding Desk Magnifying Lamp Magnifier Glass

Magnification: 3X

Power Source: battery & USB cable

Material: ABS plastic & magnifying lens

Features: foldable and portable, reading and magnifying use
This magnifying glass and lamp from MORDUEDDE is quite useful when you’re working on projects on the go. It’s easy to carry around in your bag or even pocket and it has 9 LED lights that work wonders when you need a better view.

It works as a portable emergency lamp for when you go camping, but it’s also useful when you don’t have a professional magnifier and you have to work on a phone or circuit board. It’s not something we’d recommend for permanent use, but it is a good product for emergencies.


  • Highly portable
  • It’s easy to use
  • Good magnification power
  • It can be folded into a protective case


  • Light is not too bright
  • Magnification is not strong enough

NeatFi Light 1,200 Lumens Super LED Magnifying Lamp

Magnification: up to 225% without getting hot

Power Source: electric (110 volts)

Material: Aluminum alloy & optical glass

Features: white and bright LED light, easy to use, highly portable, dimmable
The NeatFi light provides a bright white light that doesn’t burn hot, which is important for when you’re looking to adjust its position. The light doesn’t influence colors and can be dimmed down to fit your needs.

With an adjustable leg and a powerful clamp at the base, this product can be attached to almost any type of work surface and it’s easy to move it from one place to another. It has plenty of magnifying power but it can also be used as a lamp.

In our opinion, the lamp works well in a phone repair shop, but it can also be used for DIY projects and other similar activities.


  • Good light and magnification power
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Good construction


  • It could be brighter

SY Rolling Adjustable MAGNIFYING LAMP

Magnification: 5X

Power Source: Electric

Material: Aluminum & magnifying lens

Features: Not fixed to a surface, Lens head can rotate at 360 degrees and flip up and down at 180 degrees, natural colors, adjustable height.
The SY Rolling Adjustable MAGNIFYING LAMP is a product with multiple uses in a wide range of fields. But for a phone repair shop, it is quite interesting as it allows to be used in several locations given that the stand is on wheels and the height is adjustable.


  • Portable
  • Easy to adjust to your needs
  • Bright light


  • A bit flimsy in construction

Our top of the best magnifying lamp for electronics ends here, but if you have other products you would like to recommend, please let us know.


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