Sony PSP 2000 God of War Edition


This is a PSP, God of War edition. It seems to be in great overall condition. The only issue is the screen.  As you can see in the picture, the PSP’s screen has lines in it. Did some research on this repair. It seems to be a pressure issue. What this means is that the connection between the LCD and the motherboard is not sitting tight. Most fixes I have seen consist of placing a small piece of something between the motherboard and LCD. This puts pressure onto the connection, allowing all the pins to make full contact.

Now I am not 100% sure this will fix it, might just need a new LCD. If that is the case, a new LCD costs $12.87.

A used PSP, same version, goes for around $90. This one is being sold for $45. So we have a $45 profit margin. Now if this is an issue that is caused by the pressure, then the profit stays at $45. If we do have to replace the LCD, profit drops down to around $32. Not bad!
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