How to Customize Folder Icons to Make Your Desktop Awesome


How to Customize Folder Icons Done in Less Then a Minute!

Lets face it, your desktop is boring! You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. So how can you make it stand out? Two words: customized folder icons! I will show you how to customize folder icons in under 1 minute. It is really easy to do, and makes your folders look awesome.

Lets say you have a folder for your favorite movie series; Back to the Future. Look how boring this yellow folder icon is! Let us change that real quick :).back-to-the-future-folder

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  1. Go on Google.com and search “back to the future icon folder”back-to-the-future-folder-icon-search
  2. Choose your favorite. Right click it and copy image address or urlHow-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-back-to-the-future-folder-icon-copy
  3. Go to convertico.com
  4. Under “Select file from URL” paste the url you just copied and press Goconvertico-How-to-Customize-Folder-Icons
  5. The download link will be on the left. Click it and it will save convertico-How-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-download
  6. Right click on the folder and choose propertiesHow-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-properties
  7. Go to the customize tab and choose “change icon..”How-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-change-icon
  8. Hit Browse…How-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-browse
  9. Locate the saved ico file you downloaded and click open How-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-file
  10. click okHow-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-ok
  11. Click ok againHow-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-ok-again
  12. All done check it out!How-to-Customize-Folder-Icons-back-to-the-future-folder-icon

Here are some sources where you can get premade custom folder icons:


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