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Have a problem? Well we have your solution! The best gift another person can give is knowledge. Our expert repairmen have taken an initiative to create how-to tutorials on repairing certain popular devices, from the iPhone to Windows PC. When reading these tutorials, you can trust our experts in providing you accurate information. At first, a repair job might seem a very daunting and scary thing to take on. Let us assure you, it is not as hard as it seems.

These tutorials are meant for not only professionals, but for people at home as well. Let me tell you something; if only you knew how easy it is to fix these problems! There is no need to waste your money on “professional” help, it is possible for you to fix your problem at home without any help from anyone. All you need is the internet and VKRepair.com!

Here at VKRepair.com, we are constantly  trying to come up with solutions to your problems, most of the tutorials and guides we write come from user questions themselves! Take a look around, and let us help you repair the problem! Below you will find our tutorial categories along with some of our popular posts.

how-to-use-loca-glueLoca Glue

Loca Glue is an adhesive that is used in most modern smartphones, including iPhones and Samsungs. This glue is a liquid adhesive that can only be cured with UV light. It is important to fully understand this amazing adhesive if you are going to be repairing any touch screen device such as tablets and phones. It can also be used as a clear adhesive to fix anything related to glass repair.

iPhone Repair Tutorials

iPhone repair tutorials that will help fix your smartphone. Apple’s iPhone is the most popular phone out in the market. While very popular, this is still an electronic device and is prone to breaking like any other smartphone. A common problem is a cracked screen. Other topics covered include fixing certain error codes, bugs, and common user mistakes.

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windows-tutorialsWindows Tutorials

Our Windows tutorials are mostly focused on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The tutorials consist of error codes, to tips and tricks one might find useful when using their Windows computer. Other topics such a driver installation troubleshooting and hardware issues can be found here as well.

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ps3-tutorialsPS3 Repair Tutorials

Here at VKRepair we love gaming! Take a look at our PS3 repair tutorials if you are having problems with your gaming console. Topics consist of tutorials of how to fix your Playstation 3 when it is overheating, to accessory repair.ipod-tutorials

iPod Tutorials

Need to repair your iPod? Check out some of these iPod repair tutorials to help fix your music player. Guides consists of how to replace a cracked screen, and much more! The iPhone has replaced the iPod, however, it can be still useful for listening to your music without having to access the internet nor your data plan.

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iPod 5 Screen Replacement Tutorial

DIY Tutorials

Check out some of our cool and unique DIY tutorials and get inspired! There are a lot of thing around the house you can use to make something on your own, and we can prove it to you!

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How To Make An Infinity Table the Easy Way

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