Sanven LCD Separator Repair Screen Machine

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The Sanven LCD Separator Repair Screen Machine is a wonderful tool for fixing your LCD screen on your smartphone. Ever had a phone with a broken screen? Sure, almost all of us have at one time or another. With smartphones getting smaller and screens getting larger, its only a matter of time before all of us experience a broken screen. Previously, it was thought that once a screen was broken on a smartphone, that meant that specific smartphone was out of commission. No longer do you have to simply retire your smartphone. A Sanven LCD Separator Repair Screen Machine will allow you to take the steps necessary to properly replace your broken smartphone screen.

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The Sanven LCD Separator Repair Screen Machine kit features a 7 piece kit. The first piece is the 110v Separator Machine. This is of course the machine that separates the LCD screen from the phone for replacement. The 2nd item is simply the adapter plug for the 110v machine. It of course supplies power from the wall socket to the machine itself. The hold down brackets keep everything secure. The 4th product in the kit is the essential allow wire. This is imperative to successful screen separation and replacement. Next item is 656ft of Molybdenum Cutting Wire – (0.11mm). This is also essential to repairing your LCD smartphone screen. The LED UV light supplies light to the product. The 7th and final item is the Mould Holder. There are 6 choices thus far to select from. Supported items include: SAMSUNG7100,SAMSUNG9300,SAMSUNG9500,SAMSUNG i9100,iPhone5S,iPhone4S. The machine itself is dialed in to a specific temperature using the dials on the front. The temperature display is an LED display and ensures proper dialing of the mechanism. Broken screens are easily mended with this exciting and fantastic tool.

Sanven LCD Separator Repair Screen Machine

In the past, repairing your cell phones screen as we mentioned was expensive and tedious. With these new machines and tools you can turn it into a more simple process by allowing end-users to create their own professional grade fixes for broken, cracked, and damaged smartphone screens. There are many reasons an individual or business end user should own one of these machines. How many times have you seen a broken screen of a family members, friends, or your own? Many times I’m sure! Think of the hassle of transferring all of your data to a new phone because you dropped your old phone and broke the screen. If you place your SAMSUNG7100,SAMSUNG9300,SAMSUNG9500,SAMSUNG i9100,iPhone5S,iPhone4S, and a few other model phones into this device, you can safely replace your screen. No longer is it expensive and tedious. It’s not a difficult or lengthy process at all. Any end user upon reading the instructions of this product can easily replace their own screen. There are surely new molds that will also come along as new smartphones take flight on the market and become more popular. Newer models and devices will surely be supported in the future. This exciting and state of the art technology is the number one process in smartphone screen replacement.

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