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Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine ReviewMuchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_5

What are the top lcd separator machines?

The Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine is simple and straight forward. If you are looking to start repairing cracked screens from iphone, ipods, samsung phones, and others this is the machine for you. This is the second version of this lcd separator machine. The dimensions of this machine is length 400mm × width 350mm × height 300mm. For power it takes AC 110V, 50Hz, 100W. The whole machine weighs around 22 pounds.

Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_rail

In this model, they have incorporated the use of moving rails. Before when the rails were missing, the gold wire or molybdenum wire used to break due to the sharp edges. This is no longer the case and we are glad to see this improvement.

Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_heating plate

The plate where you put the cracked iphone screen is made out of alloy-aluminun. The alloy-aluminum helps the plate itself stay in its flat shape. This is a must for any of these lcd separating machines as they stay under high temperatures for a number of hours. The design underneath allows the heat to be better spaced out along the plate then most machines out there. The top lcd separating machines should have the best hot plate. We never had a heat plate lose its shape on us as of yet!

Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_3Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_4

Another important thing all lcd separating machines should have are good clamps to hold the shattered phone screen in place as you run the gold wire through the LOCA glue. The Liquid optically-clear adhesive glue can be tough to slice through some times and the need for the display not to move is vital. These clamps are perfect! They are adjustable so you can clamp on to a wide arrange of screens that you are trying to repair. You can also adjust it so it can have a tighter grip on the glass as some are thicker or thinner then others. The rubber pieces at the end do not burn when in contact with the metal plate. They also do not damage the glass as they are rubbery and soft.


Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_display

Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_display2

As I said before, the machine is pretty simple to use. To the right is the on and off power button. Just flip the switch and it is on. To the left is the LED display. The display shows the current temperature of the plate. If you desire to make it hotter, simply adjust the temperature using the buttons on the display. There is nothing complicated about this lcd debonding machine, that is why we love it!


The shell of the machine itself is orange in color. It is fire resistant material that does not melt nor deform under any temperature that we tested it with. The design of this shell not only protects the inside where the electronic cables are, but it also acts as a stable base that does not move while you are repairing the broken iphone.

Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_plug

The back of the machine is where the cable goes to be plugged into an outlet.



We found the Muchbuy Adjustable machine for a range of prices.

Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_5

Here is the machine itself without any accessories. A great deal.


Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_2

We also found a full kit ready to start your repair business right away here. Reasonable price and comes with free shipping. Comes with UV Glue Dryer Light(110V), Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive, Screen Separate Gold Wire(50 Meter), UV LOCA Adhesive Glue(50g), and 7 different molds; iPhone 5G, iPhone 4G/4S, Galaxy Note 2 N7100, Galaxy Note I9220, Galaxy Nexus I9250, Galaxy S4 i9500 Holder, and Galaxy S3 i9300. This a great bundle that you will have to purchase separately anyway if you are going to be getting into repairing phones, why not just buy everything you need at once?



The Muchbuy might be the top lcd separating machine.

Today phones are very easy to have their screen cracked. Most people cannot perform such repairs by themselves and go to repair places at the mall that charge them over a hundred dollar to repair their cracked and shattered screen. They usually do not replace just the glass, but the entire assembly. For someone who is good at repairing electronics, a lcd separating machine is a great investment. Profit is tripled when you can separate the lcd from the broken glass. With the Muchbuy Adjustable machine, you can get your initial investment back after only repairing a few phones. Go ahead and look at how much a new screen assembly is and how much a replacement glass costs. It is astonishing that more people don’t use this machine!

Check out our tutorials of how to perform the repairs on many of the phones here!


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