MagicShield LCD Separator Machine

lcd separator machine review


If you’re looking for a way to make a side income, here is your machine. The MagicShield LCD Separator Machine Hot Plate, allows you to fix those mistakes that seem unrepairable. Ever drop your phone, and watch it shatter to pieces? The MagicShield allows you to undo the damage. Fix your mistakes, fix your family’s mistakes, fix your friend’s mistakes, all while making a small side income. The MagicShield works wonderfully to separate the broken glass from the LCD screen assembly. The plates heat up to loosen the glue allowing you to remove the broken pieces with a Molybdenum cutting wire. This means no more trips to the cellular phone store to buy a new expensive phone, when you can fix the one you have.


No more trips to the phone repair stand in the mall to be overcharged for something that you can do yourself. Help your friends and family to inexpensively fix their mobile devices. The MagicShield is made of top notch, quality products that beats out any competition. The machine is easy to use, durable, and withstands the high temperatures needed to repair your devices. There is very little time involved in fixing a broken device, allowing you to maximize your time. The unit uses
very little electricity.


Similar units can cost upwards of three times the amount The MagicShield and use larger amounts of energy to power the equipment. The machine is compact and easy to maneuver and store. This makes transporting it simple, allowing you to reach a larger audience. Knowing the cost savings, and the energy needed to use the MagicShield, not buying one would be a big mistake. The machine is easy to use, with little time involved. There is no schooling needed, no after work classes, set up is easy, and tear down is even easier. The machine pays for itself, and allows you to help those in need. Each unit comes with a detailed instruction book, along with information on the warranty, and recommended price per device fixed. The average cost for a new mobile device with wifi capability is in the upwards of $500. Most cases protect devices only so far. Cracked screens are going to happen over and over again and people are going to continually pay to have them repaired.


Owning a MagicShield allows you to get your foot in the door of the cellular repair world. The only unknown in this situation is the endless amount of devices you will fix, the endless amounts of people you will satisfy, and the endless amounts of cash you’ll receive for repairing people’s ways of communication. So before I tell you anymore, what’s stopping you?


Run out now and pick up your very own MagicShield. Fix your broken devices and resell them! Old broken phones instantly turn into streams of revenue, not to mention the amount of money you’ll make each time you fix a device for someone else. Your repair shop is lost without, and once you own one you’ll question what took you so long in purchasing it in the first place. Make the decision to get your MagicShield today. You won’t regret your decision, so start fixing broken devices, and earning that extra income you’ve been looking for today!MagicShield_LCD_Separator_Machine_8MagicShield_LCD_Separator_Machine_7

The MagicShield LCD Separator Machine Comes with everything you need to start repairing iphones, ipods, samsungs, and other phones. This package comes with all the molds you need for holding the lcd display in position. It also comes with the UV lamp that is used to cure the loca glue. The set comes with more things, check out the picture below to view the machine!



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