Keedox Screen Repair Machine

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Keedox Screen Repair Machine



Keedox Screen Repair Machine Review:


So what are the best lcd separator machines? The keedox machine might be the one.

Keedox Screen Repair Machine is a unique machine that makes separating the broken glass from your lcd a cake walk. This lcd separator machine heats up the adhesive between the screen so you can use a gold wire to cut your way through it. The dimensions of this machine is Dimensions: 22x22x15cm. The Power Input is 110V. The whole machine weighs around 12 pounds.


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Sporting a never before seen square shape, this machine is light weight and portable, but does not move around when working on top of it. Its design allows weight disbursement to all four corners of the slip proof pegs. The lcd separator is made out of fire resistant material that protects the inside of the machine. This material is not only durable, but can withstand long exposure to heat produced by constant repair jobs. For better air flow, this phone repair machine has an air vent on its side to allow better cooling of its inside parts. This was something that we had not seen any other machine have as of yet. The machine itself has a nice appealing color of dark blue.

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The back of the machine is where the plug goes. We can see yet another air vent present on the back. Another plus for this iphone lcd separator machine. The best lcd separating machines should have proper air flow going through them because there is so much heat present.



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On the top sit these alloy-aluminum clamps. Nothing too special about them, very similar to every other clamp we see on these tools. You can adjust the length and height of each, meaning you can repair different phone screens on this one machine. The black rubber pads provide a non slip hold on the glass so it does not move. There clamps sit upon a distinctive hot plate that is made out of alloy-aluminum. We have tested many lcd separator machines with narrow heat plates, but never one in a square form. This design allows more space to work on then other machines.


Keedox Screen Repair Machine_4

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The front has a similar design as seen with other lcd separators. It has the on and off switch. A display is also there that allows you to see what the current temperature is. You use the yellow button to set a new desired temperature for the hot plate. Easy to use.


You can find the machine here. This is just for the machine itself.

We also found a great deal for a whole kit if you are seriously interested in getting started with everything you will need. It can be found here. The kit comes with the UV light, the gold wire, and many different molds. Very good deal.

Keedox Screen Repair Machine_kit


So is the Keedox the best lcd separating machine?

Keedox Screen Repair Machine is a unique lcd separator machine with a square design. Everything works as it should have when we conducted our repairs with it. This is a very useful cellphone repair machine for any who is serious about making a better profit with their repairs. It is compatible with all touch screen phones out there in the market now like iphone, samsung, and androids. This is one of the cheapest versions out there of a useful machine that can make you a more then your investment to buy the machine.

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