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Our expert repairmen have many years of experience in the tech repair field. We have worked with all kinds of machines that regular consumers do not know about. When Apple sends your phone to get fixed, where do you think it goes? Those cracked and broken phones end up at a well managed repair facility that has the latest state of the art machines used to repair these phones quickly and effectively. Now the regular repair shop like you and me do not have access to such machines. It is in Apple’s interest to keep such machines away from the public as they make a good amount of money from their warranties.


A few years back, our repair process for replacing the cracked screen used to consist of simply reinstalling a brand new assembly. This was fast and all, but not very cost effective. You see, most of the phones we worked on had cracked screens but their LCD was not damaged at all. Like most repair shops, we tried to separate the glass screen from the LCD but we failed every time. The LOCA adhesive that holds the screen to the LCD was just to strong and a regular heat gun did not help.
So we pondered, how do you repair a cracked iPhone 5s screen without replacing the LCD? Recently there has been a stir in the repair community.  We started seeing LCD separating machines come from over seas. These machines were basically programed hot plates. At first our shop was hesitant to purchase this machine. We thought it was a scam, like the people selling glass only replacement screens. We knew you could not just replace the glass.  After some thought, we eventuality decided to purchase one since it the cost was not very high and the promise of being able to salvage the LCD screens was worth the price alone.

Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine_5
Our first machine was a Muchbuy Adjustable Glass Separator Refurbishment Machine.  It was pretty basic , but it did the job. To our surprise and disbelief, the glass came right off the LCD. How the machine works is by radiating heat onto the alloy hot plate. All you do is set the temperature to around 85 degrees. You then just clamp the screen down using the four adjustable clamps to secure the screen onto the plate. The hot plate heats up the LOCA adhesive enough to allow you to run a thin line threw it. It took us some time to figure out what type of line to use. Regular fishing line would break due to the heat. We needed something that could stand the heat. With some research, we found what we were looking for. It is called “molybdenum wire“.

Sanven LCD Separator Repair Screen Machine

With our test trail done, we knew we had to buy more of these machines. This machine had to be incorporate into all of our phone repairs since most companies have their screen assemblies all glued down. We had a ton of broken screen assemblies lying around to practice and improve the way we separated the screens. Our next purchase was the Sanven LCD Separator Repair Screen Machine. This machine was basically the same one as the Muchbuy machine. Nothing that set it apart.



Keedox Screen Repair MachineMagicShield_LCD_Separator_Machine_2

The next two we purchased were the Keedox and the MagicShield machines. We thought we were getting two different machines, but it reality they turned out to be the same machine with two different names. They were both still useful and provided a bigger area to do the repairs on.


Our shop consisted of those four machines for a while. All the machines out in the market did not vary. Recently we got our hands on a brand new design. It is the Vacuum LCD Separator Machine. A problem with the other machines was that some of the screens were so cracked that it was hard to use the clamps to hold them in place. This new design solves that problem with a vacuum hold. We first didn’t believe it would hold down the screen securely, but man can this machine suck. It is so powerful that we stuck it onto the wall and it held itself. This is currently our favorite machine in shop.

With the old models, we simply bought new screen assemblies because they are cheap. However the whole point of this machine comes evident when a new phone such as the iPhone 6 is released.  Parts are not available, or are very expensive. You want your shop to be ahead of the game. In our business, every penny counts when it comes to profit margin. With these machines, we get around 30% more profit out of the repair.

Keep on the lookout for new reviews once we get our hands on some more machines!

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