iPhone 5 Replacement Screen

iPhone 5 Replacement Screen


Choosing the right replacement screen for your iPhone can be a very confusing and time-consuming task. There are various sites out there that sell expensive iphone 5 screen assemblies, how can you know what is a good deal? Well we are here to help you. First of all the only sites we recommend that you use are Amazon and Ebay. Why? There are so many sites out there selling these replacements screens that it is hard to tell which site is actually good or not. Amazon and Ebay have a huge variety of sellers that have been rated by other buyers so you know if they are a bad seller or not. Each seller shows exactly where they ship from and how soon you will get it. Best of all you can find the cheapest iPhone 5 replacements screens on these market places. All the sellers on here sell out of the United States and not China.

So what exactly do you look for when you are buying a replacement screen for your iPhone 5? Previous versions of the iPhone all required different screens depending on the phone carrier. Ever since the iPhone 4S, Apple has made all of their screens compatible with the same version. Also note that it does not matter how many gigs the phone is.

There are two different types of replacement screens you can get; a glass only or a full assembly. The glass only replacement is the cheapest, but takes a lot more experience to replace as the lcd and glass is fused together and can only be unfused using an lcd separator machine. Typically the front glass is the only thing that is cracked, but if you are not in the repair business we recommend you replace the entire screen assembly as it requires less work. If you plan on doing a lot of these repairs we suggest you invest in the lcd separator machine so you can buy the glass only replacements.

If you are going to purchase the full screen assembly you must know that not everything is included. This means you will need to take the home button, front camera, earpiece, and the LCD shield plate off the broken screen and put it on the new one. This is pretty simple to do. There are some sellers out there that have the entire complete assembly but we do not suggest it as it is too expensive and you have everything you need on the old assembly.

Here is a guide on how to replace iphone 5s screen, which is basically the same phone.

Here are some sources where to buy iPhone 5 replacement screens (updated regularly). If a link is down or this has fallen in price, please let us know in the comments!:

iPhone 5 Replacement Screen Assembly:


iPhone 5 Glass Only Replacement Screen:

iPhone 5 Wholesale Replacement Screen Assembly:


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