iPhone 6 Plus

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is the latest model of iPhones. This new version features the biggest screen that Apple has come out with for the iPhone. It is also more sleek and compact, which is not always a good thing when it comes to repairs.

As with previous versions of iPhones, cracked screens are very common. There are also a wide array of small fixes that can be done to the device.

Below is a graph of the prices for New, used, and As-is iPhone 6 plus’. I will try to update these prices regularly. Prices come directly from eBay. Using a complex tool that takes a look at the recently completed auctions and buy it now’s to determine the price. Price is only taken from repairable iPhone 6 Plus’. For As-Is I do not include iPhones that are icloud locked, water damaged, no power, nor bad esn. Easy to repair listings is what my tool looks for.

If prices seem outdated please comment below and I will update them!


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