iPhone 5S

Lets take a look at the current market for the Apple iPhone 5S and how much profit can be made. Although I cannot fully disclose how I do my research, I can say a few things. All prices are obtained from sold listings at this date. Note these prices change over time!

First let us take a look at the value of how much a working iPhone 5S is. This price is obtained from buy it now, cheapest iPhone that fully works.

Used Iphone 5S:



The above graph shows the current price range for a used, working iPhone 5S. The 16GB version is averaging at $192.63. The 32GB version average is $222.49. The 64GB version average is $267.10.


As you can see, the most common listing is for a 16GB iPhone 5S. AT&T and Verizon 16GB versions are the most prevalent listings found on eBay.


The listing size of available listings that are listed as for parts or repair is drastically lower. Yet, listing size is much closer for the 16GB version when compared to the previous graph.


Here we have the current price range for a broken, iPhone 5S. The 16GB version is averaging at $106.85. The 32GB version average is $139.97. The 64GB version average is $149.06.


Lastly, and more importantly is the profit margin between a used and a for repair iPhone 5S. Profit is highest at the 64GB iPhones.

The Verdict

All of this information can be very useful for someone who is looking to make some money in the repair game. We can see that the price increases with the size of the iPhone. This means that the market is healthy and understands that the value should correspond with the size of the iPhone.

You can see that the Sprint and T-mobile 64GB versions are drawing a bigger price difference between the size of the gigabytes when compared to AT&T and Verizon. You can draw a reason for this when you take a look at the listing size graph. There are much more fewer Sprint and T-Mobile iPhones being listed on eBay. This does mean they are less popular. However this also means that the people who do have these phone carriers are willing to pay more for the phone due to such few listings.

The 16GB versions of AT&T and Verizon are the most popular. This will mean that there will be a lot more competition when you are reselling a fixed iPhone 5S. It is saturated and your profit margin will be around $83. At the same size, a Sprint iPhone 5S will net you $99. You will have to choose if you want to sell your iPhone fast, or wait a little more with a Sprint phone to get a bigger profit.

What is a bit puzzling is that the price margin for the same size T-mobile iPhone is actually lower. This most likely means that people want too much for their broken iPhone 5S 16GB.

So what does all of this mean? In my opinion the AT&T iPhone 5S 16GB version is the best fast flip opportunity. It has the most broken listings out there, and the most used listings. This means you can quickly buy a broken iPhone 5S, fix it, and sell it. With so many used listings, it is the most popular carrier and size in comparison to the others.

The 64GB version do get you a much bigger profit, but there are barley any listings out there for you to pick up for repair. I am not saying you should not get these sizes. The AT&T and Verizon versions do have a healthy amount of listings. Keep an eye out for the 64GB sizes for those carriers, just don’t focus all of your energy in trying to find a broken one.

It is all about making a fast profit. You want to be able to quickly buy, repair, and sell so you can go and repeat the process. What you don’t want is to sit on a repaired product waiting for the right buyer to come along. I have always priced my repaired iPhones at the lowest price so I could quickly sell them and use that money to buy more.

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What do you think of my analysis of the price market of the iPhone 5S? I would love to hear what you think, or more interpretations of the data! Comment below!

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