LOPURS LCD Separator Machine


The 3 in 1 Lopurs LCD Separator Machine work station is essential for those who own a business or looking to start a business in repairing screens that are so prone to break on these mobile phones today. This machine is compatible with devices that are up to 7 inches wide thus meaning compatibility with almost every smart phone released in the past 8 years and even some smaller tablets as well.

One of the best features is the fact that it is so easy to use that you don’t even need to mess around with multiple settings as you are bound to find in other working stations out there. This leaves for a pretty much error free operation as long as you take your time, not having to mess with toggles or switches to get to what I needed is much appreciated indeed.

Those who have worked with modern devices know how frustrating it can be to heat up devices to be able to rip apart to work on. This machine here makes it so easy to do as it heats up to allow for easy disassemble on the popular Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines from Samsung today, as well as any of the iPhones.LCD-Separator-Machine

The vacuum pump automatically included turns out to be very handy as you never have to go searching for a hot air gun or other tools that might have been required before picking this kit up. As mentioned before, The Lopurs LCD Separator Machine goes beyond the compatibility for Samsung phones, you can also work on iPhones and Windows Phones as well.

One tip of advice is that I would recommend that this does not stay anywhere near your children or people who are not comfortable with work stations that have the ability to turn hot very quickly. Even when turned off I would recommend disconnecting from an outlet if it is in a central location of your home, this is a serious tool here folks, you don’t leave chances for serious accidents to happen because of a machine.LOPURS-LCD-Separator-Machine

Bottom line is that if you are looking to do screen work on all these mobile devices, this is a product that you should keep your eyes on. It simplifies my work schedule so much that I am now able to do twice the work in a typical weekday. If it wasn’t for this machine I would still be juggling between tools to complete a simple task. Well worth the money and 5 stars wholly recommended.

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