iPod 5th Generation Replacement Parts

iPod 5 Parts Diagram

Below you will find some detailed part diagrams for the iPod 5th Generation. This part list should cover the main replacement parts for the iPod 5. If the part is clickable, we have found a source for it. If we are missing some parts, or would like to contribute a source, please contact us and let us know!


iPod 5 Screen Assembly Diagram

  1. Screen Assembly
  2. Front Glass
  3. LCD
  4. Front Facing Camera
  5. Home Button
  6. Bezel
  7. LCD Ribbon
  8. Digitizer Ribbon

iPod 5th Gen Side Diagram


  1.  Wifi
  2. Metal shield Plate
  3. Home Button Cable
  4. Rear Camera
  5. Volume Button
  6. Power Button
  7. Headphone Jack
  8. Lightning connector
  9. Speakers

iPod 5th Generation Internal Blueprint


  1. Battery
  2. MotherBoard
  3. Volume Bracket
  4. Volume Ribbon

iPod 5 Screw Chartipod-5-screw-chart

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