iPhone 6

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Here we go again. Another year, another iPhone.  Since nothing has been announced yet, the rumors keep coming. We will try to gather all of the rumors and add them here.


From left to right: iphone 5s, iphone 6 4.7″ screen, iphone 6 5.5″ screen


When is the iPhone 6 coming out?

At the date of this article, it is now august.  Apple is very fond of September. However recent rumors have been going around for October 14th 2014 as the day it will be launched.  Apple will have their popular unavailing event o September 16th 2014. Again, these are all rumors. Knowing Apple, they like to keep everything a secret until the very last minute.

Screen size:

A lot of rumors are out mostly on the screen of the iPhone 6.  The new screen will be made out of sapphire, an unbreakable material. It will come in two sizes. A 4.7″ and an 5.5″. The iphone 5s has a 4″ screen.  Apple is increasing their screen size due to their competitors having great success with larger displays. Rumor has it that the different sizes will be released on separate days, with the 4.7″ released first.




The body:

Recently, a video has surfaced showing the early stages of what the iPhone body will look like. Looks to be made out of thin metal. Notice how much thinner the body is compared to the iPhone 5s.

It looks like Apple is sticking to their gold, black, and white colors.
We will continue to keep you updated on the latest rumors once we here them!

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