Good Finds: iPhone 5S For Repair

Below are some good finds I found today for repairable iPhones.

Repairable iPhone 5S

Use our iPhone 5s price guide to see what you should be buying these for.

Good Find #1


From the seller’s description, it seems like the data port will need to be replaced. Replacing the lightning connector port is pretty simple, you just need to swap out the part.

The data port part costs $4.25 and can be bought here. There is also a small chance that the data port is not damaged at all, but the charger that the seller uses is. If you look at the pictures, the seller is using a non Apple lightning cable. Read more about iPhone lightning cables here.

Finally, the seller is saying that the iPhone keeps saying that it is searching for network. This is because there is no sim in it. They have stated that it has a clean imei and not icloud locked. This is worth the buy if you can get it for a good price.

Check out the auction

Good Find #2


Good Find #3

Good Find #4

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