iPhone 5S Boot Loop and Blue Screen Repair Finds

As I have discussed how to fix the iPhone 5S Blue Screen Boot Loop here, I went out to look for some iPhone 5S that have this exact problem. Read the tutorial to see how to fix these and make a quick buck!

Current eBay market place shows that the iPhone 5S is being sold used for on average:

iPhone 5S 8gb: $154.93 avg 63.16 % sold

iPhone 5S 16gb: $ 224.44 avg 67.00 % sold

iPhone 5S 32gb: $296.55 avg 65.00 % sold

iPhone 5S 64gb: $ 276.98 avg 66.00 % sold





This will need a solder job to reattach the battery. Seems that someone has tried to repair it but failed.



Looks to be a software issue. Need to put it in to restore mode when plugged into computer. Will need the back glass replaced.



This is water damaged. However it seems repairable, just have to get it to restore.



Has damaged to motherboard from wrong screw causing the blue screen.



Blue screen

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