Good Finds: Wholesale lot of 36 white iPhone 4

Happy Friday to all! Let us see what I have found today on eBay:

Good Find: 36 Repairable iPhone 4’s


This is a wholesale lot of 36 iPhone 4 8GBs. At $649.99, that makes it $18.06 per iPhone 4. Check out the auction. Let us take a look at the issues that these iPhones have;

  • (3) Have bad screens and can be replaced at $13.97 per screen. You can get the white replacement assemblies here.

  • (7) Have issues with their cameras. Seller is not specific if which cameras are faulty. Rear cameras are $4.29 here and front cameras are $1.89 here.

  • (1) Wifi not working. A replacement wifi antenna is $2.99 here.


  • (6) iPhones with accounts still logged in. I think, but not 100% sure, an itunes account is logged into the iPhone and probably has a passcode on it. If this is the case, you simply have to restore the iPhone 4. I would advise you to message the seller to confirm that this is what they mean and not an iCloud lock.
  • (1) iCloud is locked. This is bricked, but can be salvaged for parts as you can make the money back from just the screen alone.
  • (2) Issue with the speakers. A replacement speaker is $2.25 here.

  • (1) Broken home button. A Replacement home button is $3.99 here.

  • (1) The back is a different color. I wouldn’t bother replacing the back to match the white iPhone 4. You can just sell it if it works fine.
  • (15) Most of the lot consists of broken power button or volume buttons. The replacement ribbon for the power costs $5.96 here and the replacement volume flex costs $1.99 here.



This wholesale lot seems to be a great deal. Almost all of the iPhone’s seem to be repairable. At $18 per iPhone, I believe there is profit to be made with this lot.

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